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Project Description
Farseer Physics Engine 3.3.1 and Gleed2d for XNA 4.0 combined into playable VS10 solution

Motivation for this project was to create a platformer game on XNA 4.0 using Farseer Physics and Gleed2d level editor. Problem was that tutorials for using Farseer are usually for version 3.2. Also most of the tutorials for using the Gleed2d were outdated, since there's new version for XNA4.0. So I spent some time researching the Farseer 3.3.1 Game Samples and Gleed2d forum discussions to get a grip how to implement this on newest versions.

In a sense this is not actual game but only a skeleton and sample from which you can try and see how to get these two technologies work. There's a movable character for testing if the tileblocks and stuff really are where they should be.

To fully use this sample (create your own levels that are better than supplemental testlevel.gleed) you also need to download Gleed2d for XNA 4.0

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